Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there refunds if I forgot that I made other plans, became ill, or could not plow my driveway on the morning of the trip?

We have a strict no refund policy that is clearly stated on our website and when you purchase a trip. It is listed in our Terms and Conditions that is accepted prior to every trip purchase. Please do your best to ensure you will be able to travel with us prior to booking your trip.


2. Can I exchange my trip for another date?

We have a strict no exchange policy that is clearly stated on our website and when you purchase a trip. Again, for more information, see our Terms and Conditions.


3. The weather forecast is bad. Will the bus still go?

Unless any state we drive through declares a state of emergency, the bus will most likely go. Your safety is our priority and if we cancel the trip due to unsafe driving conditions, you will be contacted and fully refunded.


4. Can I ride the bus one-way only?

Yes, you can! However, you must purchase a full fare "Bus Only" trip and confirm with us which way you will not be onboard the bus.


5. Do you rent skis and boards?

We do no rent any equipment. However, on some of our trips, there is a rental option for gear at the mountain itself. This rental option includes a helmet and your choice of skiing or boarding equipment. Otherwise, you can rent locally and bring your gear with you to the mountain.


6. I purchased a trip for my son or daughter who is a minor. What do they need?

Your son or daughter will need a printed and signed Minor Consent Form from our website. Please have your child bring the form on the trip. Our Trip Leader will not allow any minors to board the bus without this form.


7. I didn't receive a confirmation email.

Sorry about that! It is important to ensure you enter the correct email address prior to purchasing your trip. If a mistake is made, please call us to confirm that you are on the trip list. However, we will be unable to regenerate your confirmation email.


8. I have an Epic/Ikon or Indy pass. Can I just take the bus?

Yes! We have a bus only option for all our trips upon purchase. Please ensure your pass is valid for the day of your trip.