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What do you get when you combine two sisters with a passion for mountain adventures and the ability to provide affordable mountain trips? The answer is North East Action Sports.
North East Action Sports was founded with the mission to provide you access to the best mountains at sustainable prices. All this, as well as the added convenience of taking you there and back in comfort. Growing up immersed in the winter sport industry, we developed an unwavering enthusiasm for exploring mountains, appreciating different activities, and meeting many great people in the northeast region, as well as in the Western US, South America, and Europe. We learned from all these experiences that a passion for winter sports and fresh mountain air means a passion for fun. Often, though, there were several things holding people back like getting to the mountains and standing in long ticket lines. North East Action Sports solves these problems. So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip today! Get out there. 
See you on the slopes,
Debbie & Sheri

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